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Welcome & introductions

Welcome and thanks for visiting our website!

This project is one that we've debated starting up for years. There's no better time than present, so we figured we may as well start it now.

Carly and I have a ton of experience in small businesses, large businesses, motorsports, non-profits and more. Our experience runs from motorsports competition to event management to marketing/promotions and much more.

What's with the name Appalachian Marketing & Consulting? Good question. Simple answer. We're both from the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We both went to school in the Appalachian Mountains. And now, after a few years away from them, we're right back in these beautiful hills.

Our small business is designed just for small businesses. Our goal is simple: to help you increase awareness of your business and drive increased revenue.

From websites to social media to press releases, we can help with it all -- and everything in between.

We hope you'll join us on this journey. It's easy and affordable to get started -- just hit us up at

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